Piss-poor principals pay the price

Another victory for the VRWC.

A minute?s silence please for the NZPF campaign against the Government and National Standards.

Launched last year, this involved a website, a PR company and media training for the nest of left-wing vipers that is the NZPF executive.

We?ve seen how successful the media training has been ? Invercargill principal Marlene Campbell doing her very best to get the whole country hating her.

And don?t forget the bullying Northland principals exposed by Garner at TV3 back in September at the start of this shabby campaign.

Now the much-trumpeted?www.ourprincipals.co.nz – which was a poorly-made mix of lies, hysteria and excuses as to why our kids can?t read and write – but that Standards aren’t the answer – has quietly been taken down.

Last I looked, you could almost hear the tumbleweeds rolling through. Hardly any posts ? and about fifteen comments mostly from whingers or spammers.

Anne Tolley has quietly strangled this shoddy bunch behind the scenes. They?re not so much out of the tent, as banished to Siberia.

Normal principals have been up in arms about the NZPF anti-government nastiness ? and the tipline has been told of resignations from what is supposed to be a professional organisation, but is now nothing more than a front for Labour and the Greens.

We are paying for this rubbish. Taxpayers fund schools ? and schools use their operational funding to pay subs to NZPF for their principals. And let?s not forget they use our money to fly around the country to conferences and spread their poison.

It?s only right then, to allow the Whale Army to voice their opinions on this and other issues at the pitiful NZPF Facebook page.

Feel free to use the social media opportunity provided by the NZPF to let these people know how you feel about them ducking accountability while blatantly using our money to attack the Government and push left-wing garbage.