Quote of the Day – Mike Hosking

Mike Hosking sums up Labour’s grand new tax plans. Go read it all.

The only people who truly believe in more taxes, and more taxes at the top end, are the envious who want to chop the tall poppies and somehow see it as unfair that they don’t have what others do and the true lefties who argue income redistribution is good for a fair and just society. But they?re the ones who paused to tell you that by putting down their book on Marxism, the world has moved on from the Labour style tax approach.

This is a country built on graft, inspiration, risk taking and just a lot of ordinary people who want to rely on themselves and their skills to do well in life. They don’t like Governments picking their pockets in a needlessly overt fashion.

Labour will find this out when the announcement of such an approach is roundly rejected.

This is Phil Goff’s last hurrah, if there is no significant upswing in the polls the Labour’s caucus which is openly talking of the end of Goff will make such chatter a reality.