Nothing else can describe this stupid?decision, by a numpty judge:

A drink driver has had his name suppression extended to protect his mother from visitors who “might kill her with kindness” if his name is made public.

The High Court at Auckland heard yesterday that the offender’s mother was 86 and her heart was operating at about 20 per cent efficiency.

The drink driver’s lawyer, Neelam McDonald, had sought continued name suppression because if her client’s conviction was known, his mother would be inundated with concerned visitors which “could prove fatal”.

The man had represented himself in court and only sought name suppression after his recent conviction, against which he is now appealing.

Justice Christopher Allen said the case was unusual in that name suppression was not being sought to protect the mother of the convicted man from the news, but from visitors that may “kill her with kindness”.

He asked McDonald why it was not possible for guests to be turned away or told not to visit the man’s mother’s Westmere home.

“In Indian culture the guest is treated like a god… it is very rude to turn them away,” McDonald said.

The man’s mother would be forced to entertain her guests to the point where “she might die”.

I’ll tell you?what?is very rude. Bringing bollocks like this to a court. What else is very rude is driving drunk and then being afraid of your own name.

With such cowardice and hiding behind the skirts of a dying mother it is him who should be dying of embarrassment. This case should be chucked out and the drunk driver named and shamed.

Under the law there are no grounds to have this name suppression, unfortunately as the law stands only the media or the parties can re-visit this. The NZ Herald spent over $100,000 overturning Mark Hotchin’s name suppression, why don’t they trot down to the court and have a crack at this one in the public interest of knowing who this drunk driver is who is afraid of his own name.