Shameless NZEI/Labour fail again

Phil Goff colluding with the NZEIHow many turned up for the NZEI’s “big” protest in Auckland yesterday? Just a couple of hundred of the usual snarling nasties.

So far so normal. But the interesting part was the breathtaking cheek of Phil Goff turning up and accepting their petition.

Do these clowns think our memories have been erased?

Just a couple of weeks ago I outed NZEI and Labour as colluding over a previous petition – with the personal details of thousands ending up on Labour’s database without their permission.

So then up pops Goff again yesterday to put even more personal information in his back pocket. Labour flunkies will be busy harvesting the emails as we speak. The union has betrayed their workers yet again, this time instead of handing over 18,000?peoples?personal details to labour they have handed over 60,000.

Labour has so few friends it has to do exactly as the rabid teachers’ union says – such as committing an extra half a billion dollars a year of our money just to bolster the NZEI coffers and get their vote.

I don’t think so Phil.

As for NZEI – when I busted them for giving info to Labour they sent out a letter claiming they were apolitical. The sight of Goff in one of their smelly green protest t-shirts yesterday tells the full story.