Sounding a little less like a teenage dork

The other day I commented on Ed Miliband and his propensity to act and sound like an upper class twat. Well all that appears to be going to change.

It is not Miliband’s fault that he neither looks nor sounds like a potential prime minister. But until he discovers or acquires some measure of gravitas, he is unlikely to persuade the public that, whatever Cameron’s weaknesses, he’s a fit and proper person to occupy 10 Downing Street.

Fortunately Miliband is having an operation to?remove his adenoids this summer, a procedure that may result in him sounding a little less like a teenage dork. This may seem a harsh assessment but not even the Labour leader’s admirers claim that “presence” is one of his best attributes.

Miliband says the operation is not connected to any desire to make his voice more appealing to voters. Instead it is designed to alleviate the sleep apnea from which he suffers. His wife will be thankful for that, but so may Labour supporters if the operation improves Miliband’s voice. (He would not be the first leading politician to change his voice: Margaret Thatcher received coaching to change her own voice and pitch, making it less harsh or grating.)

That may fix Miliband’s issue but what one earth can Phil Goff do?