Swallowing Dead Rats

That very nice Ele Ludemann blogs about how Labour hasn?t swallowed any dead rats and points out that until it does it won’t be able to win votes back from swinging voters.

Dead rats for labour to swallow

Ele is right, but she probably underplays how the person that swallows the dead rat needs to be new and fresh and at a distance from the failed Clark regime. Association with the arrogant, out of touch, free spending ways of the final years of the Clark regime tars anyone in the minds of the swing voters, who just turn off.

The voters of New Zealand firmly rejected the failed Clark regime in 2008, and they look like firmly rejecting it again in 2011. Labour can’t win a trick, and even what they think are trump cards have no impact. This may be partly due to the execution of policy launches being shoddy, or the quality of the policies are shoddy, but is more likely that the New Zealand voter is sick to death of the Clark regime and are not interested in listening to former leading lights offering to take us back to Clark?s promised land.