The company you keep

I’ve looked at some of Trevor Mallard’s unsavoury friends, now let’s look at some other MPs.

Chris Hipkins is a good one. Hasn’t been in parliament for long but has been around parliament?forever. A former Clark staffer and now an MP and a rising star if you listen to Labour people.

Both Chris Hipkins and his pals at The Standard, (no link they don’t deserve one) like to bang on about lobbyists and transparency. Raising all sorts of nasty innuendo. Check out this post from Steve Pierson Marty G Goffice worker Clinton Smith.

The Standard - The company they keep

Look how close National is with lobbyists representing rightwing interests is what they are saying. Well….like Trevor Mallard who is friends with a filthy lobbyist so too is Chris Hipkins.

Chris Hipkins is friends with a filthy lobbyistI wonder what influence Chris Hipkins is under from consorting with known peddlers of right wing ideology. The outrage should be flowing from The Standard. Surely the company you keep says everything about you. First Trevor and now Little Trev are under?the?influence of filthy lobbyists because shock, horro they are?friend?with them on Facebook.

If The Standard says that there is undue influence then there must be. Or it could all be bollocks chucked about by Labour and their proxy blogs in order to smear because that is the only tactic they’ve got.