The coup is on #Labourishistory

Tonights 3News/Reid Research poll has sealed Phil Goff’s fate. He is brought Labour to its knees and under 30% closely matching the Roy Morgan poll.

The tipline is humming?fiercely?with Labour insiders talking out of school.

Phil Goff is dead to them and the previous catch cry of ABC (Anyone But Cunliffe) is now All in Behind Cunliffe.

Caucus members are forming on Mallard, and Twyford is running the numbers and from all accounts so far they have them.

It looks like Phil Goff can only count on the drys in caucus including Shearer and Parker.

David Cunliffe is moving and moving fast. The?thinking is it gives Cunliffe a platform to front foot the Capital Gains Tax without Goff’s baggage?and that any change in leadership will give them a bump after two weeks solid news media.

Cunliffe is worried that if he doesn’t go now, there won’t be an opportunity after the world cup, and Little will have the numbers post-election.

Right now if you are a Labour list MP there is no reason to follow Goff into the grave.

Phil Goff is for the firing squad