The missing numbers

David Farrar blogs about and explains Labour’s missing numbers. They handed them out to the media but?strangely?have decided to keep the rest of New Zealand in the dark about them. Fortunately I can put those figures up for Labour since they seem to want to keep them secret.

Labour table

The table shows?that far from David Cunliffe’s assertion that labour wouldbe paying down debt they actually have heroic assumptions on all sorts of things as well as significant new borrowing to pay for Labour spending.

But even on their creative figures, Labour won’t actually cover their spending promises until 2019. ?Between now and then the plan appears to be borrow and hope.

As an aside, I note that the images on adverts and these documents all carry an authorisation statement. Unlike the ones that Labour are being prosecuted for. Remember they claimed that they had Phil Goff’s name on them and so it was ok. These ones carry four words that are missing from any other Labour materials up till now. “Authorised by Rick Barker”. Now the Electoral Commission knows who to prosecute for the previous complaints. Oh and nice to see that the taxpayer have paid for the promotion of Labour party policy.