The pathological loathing of freedom of speech

There is a great quote from James Delingpole which is oh so relevant to our current political debate in New Zealand. It applies clearly to people like Bomber Bradbury and to the liberal left in general as we have seen with reactions to Paul Henry, Alasdair Thompson, the Macsyna King Book, Don Brach and the Vote for Change campaign.

What is it about the liberal-left and its pathological loathing of freedom of speech and open debate? And why, instead of engaging in ideas ? supported by facts ? must it instead so invariably resort to this crude, smear technique whereby its opponents must forever be dismissed as morally compromised?

Actually, I ask these questions purely rhetorically because I know the answer already. To be on the liberal-left is not to trade in logic or reason or evidence-based argument. Essentially, it is about parading your own moral and socio-political virtue by being seen to express the ?right? thoughts on any given subject ? and by damning anyone who disagrees with you as a racist/homophobe/LittleEnglander/denier/fill-in-appropriate-noun-here.

Nothing disgusts me more than attempt to shut down?political?or any other discourse just because someone said something offensive. I find most things that socialists say offensive but rather than shutting them down I actually want them to speak that which they think so more people can see their foolish ideas.

I welcome idiots like Kyle Chapman, and Hone Harawira and Winston peters spouting their?rubbish. They should be mocked not silenced. One of the more hateful developments after nine years of Clarkism was the shouting down of those who opposed her and her government. When the Exclusive Brethren dared to spend their own money telling the truth about the Greens labour and their allies passed a law to attempt to silence them, after demonising them and continuing to demonise them for using their democratic human right of freedom of speech.

Bomber talks of hateful people and hateful ideas and then goes on to demonise people for what he?perceives?as hate speech without realising that he?practices?a more hateful form of politics, he?practices?censorship. Trying to silence your foe through fear, intimidation and demonsiation is hateful, and it is that which much be opposed strongly.

The?liberal?left fear a contest of ideas that is why people like Bomber try to shut down debate, and the contest. They are fearful cowards. Long may they quake in fear of a contest of ideas.