The Reverse Ferret

Labour has done a ‘reverse ferret’ on their new found love for a capital gains tax.

Reverse ferret is a phrase used predominantly within the British media to describe a sudden?volte-face in an organisation’s editorial line on a certain issue. Generally, this will involve no acknowledgement of the previous position.

The term originates from?Kelvin MacKenzie‘s time at the?The Sun. His preferred description of the role of journalists when it came to public figures was to “stick a ferret up their trousers”. This meant making their lives uncomfortable, and was based on the northern sport of?ferret legging (where contestants compete to show who can endure a live?ferret within their sealed trousers the longest). However, when it became clear that the tide of public opinion had turned against the paper’s line, MacKenzie would burst from his office shouting “Reverse Ferret!”

Labour are doing exactly that. They are reverse ferreting their support for a capital gains tax.

Phil Goff has numerous examples of his previous disdain for a capital gains tax and tomorrow he will tell us ll at 2pm that he has loved the concept for all of his 27 long years in?parliament?but has only now had the courage to propose it.

They have added the “Reverse Ferret” to their Gnomes Underpants Stealing campaign plan.

1. Reverse Ferret on capital gains tax

2. ????

3. Win Votes

Yep they are right on track to form a coalition government with The Greens.