What have we become?

These days in New Zealand if there is something that someone says that a few rowdies don’t like, they must be sacked, how dare they have an opinion. Someone writes a book, calls are made to ban it. People whinge and whine about television shows, art works, all calling for censorship and banning or worse. We even have people trying to shut down political debate on electoral systems because they don’t like the people who think that New Zealander should have a debate when we have a referendum.

It is cringe worthy and it is a sad indictment on our society.

There have been calls to ban Macsyna King’s book by Ian Wishart. For what ever reason I can’t fathom other than some people are upset about it. But calling for it to be banned is or boycotted is just plain ridiculous.

Personally I have no interest in a book probably dictated to Ian Wishart because I doubt she can write a?coherent?sentence, therefore I won’t buy it. That is how people should react to the book if they don’t like it, simply don’t buy it.

But to call for bookstore to cease stocking the book, to call for bans and boycotts is just silly.

Life is about a contest of ideas and all the book stores that are refusing to stock the book but at the same time stock “Go the Fuck to Sleep” are plain hypocrites. For them to appoint themselves as the moral compass of New Zealand with such glaring inconsistencies in their moral compass is worrying. Paper Plus for instance who said when silly calls were made to ban “Go the Fuck to Sleep” told one of the people making the calls to ban the book, Bob McCroskrie:

“Paper Plus is not in a position to act as the moral compass for NZ families and we believe it is our responsibility to give our customers access to a complete range of books and stationery.”

Except now though, they have decided that part of their responsibility to give customers a complete range of books doesn’t include?Macsyna King’s book. SOunds very much like they are acting like the moral compass now.

When people say and do and write silly or?offensive?things you don’t call for banning, sacking and boycotts, you mock and ridicule and deride. Finally after doing all that mocking you simply do not buy, watch or subscribe to the book, tv show, radio programme or magazine. The contest of ideas is measured in the ratings.

We supposedly live in a democratic society yet people call for the sacking of a TV show host because he used a bit of offensive humour, a silly sexist boss was calle on to be sacked instead of mocked mercilessly and now we are conducting the modern equivalent of a book burning. Worse there are alleged commentators who are trying to have people exercising their democratic right to stand for parliament banned from standing, deciding to be the their own little moral compass for New Zealand when it comes to political parties candidates and whether or not they fit their warped world view. Even though that is abhorrent, the?attempted?shutting out of a political candidate worse is the wholesale attack on a small group of individuals who have dared to share an opposing view about about MMP and are daring to have a debate around the referendum. What has become of our country.

I am saddened by New Zealand and continue to be saddened that we haven’t managed to grow up rejoicing that people from the heaving underclass of New Zealand are able to get a book published. Hell if hookers can write books and have them stocked in bookstores then why can’t indigent negligent parents.

If don’t like what?Macsyna King and Ian Wishart have to say then don’t buy the bloody book. But don’t go mounting attacks on book stores because they offer the opportunity to?other?people who may want to read it and the bookstores shouldn’t cave in to the?raucous?mob baying for blood.

Perhaps Helen Clark was right when she said their are haters and wreckers in our society. Then again she would know after she demonised a small group of blokes who dared to oppose her?government. Our country has learned its behaviour from its leaders and we are poorer for it. We have become a nation of haters and wreckers.