What if National win….

If National win Mana, Palmerston North, Rimutaka, Christchurch Central and Waimakariri then the following lose their electorate seats:

  • Cosgrove
  • Fa’afoi
  • Hipkins
  • Lees-Galloway
  • Burns

If they lose them and Labour stay at 29% in the polls then the following five stay or make it to Parliament.

  • Deborah Mahuta-Coyle
  • Stuart Nash
  • Brendon Burns
  • Chris Hipkins
  • Michael Wood

In a victory for all those who oppose penis lollies Michael Wood replaces the stenographer rooter Iain Lees-Galloway. Stuart Nash replaces Fa’afoi.

All this makes you wonder a lot about the gaggle of gays and how they rigged the list ranking process. There is no way that Labour are better served by long time trougher and serial useless bastard Rick Barker than they would be with short term trougher and ex-rooter Stu Nash. One represents the distant past, and not to well either, and the other the future. Why did the gaggle decide Rick was worth more than Stu?

Unless the Labour caucus can grow some balls and work out that unless they “Gillard” Goff some very good capable talent will be lost to them for a very long time and labour will not be in contention fro several more cycles. julia Gillard rolled Kevin Rudd and saved labour just two short months before the election in Australia.

Does anyone in Labour here have the courage to do that?