What is the difference between The difference between a Gun, a Stripper & a G-String?

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The Spearmint Rhino, the international a chain of strip clubs, is suing Chiappa Firearms over the logo used on their?Chiappa Firearms Rhino revolvers. They claim that consumers could confuse the revolver with one of their strip clubs or branded g-strings, brassieres and corsets.

rhino tm tfb The difference between a Gun, a Stripper & a G String. Spearmint Rhino Sues Chiappa [SFW] photo

I can’t wait for the court case.

“Yes your honor, my clients are concerned that this revolver:

Chiappa Rhinocould easily bemistaken for one of their strip club workers or even a thong that they may or may not be wearing at?the?time of such confusion.”