What's going on with the National Party List?

As this blog has mentioned the National Party selection process has been a total disgrace. Epsom selected in July, list ranking postponed so it was not carried out at Regional Conferences and so far no high profile people getting list only positions.

A cynic would suggest that a September 3rd list ranking date means sitting National MPs don?t go mental about their terrible list place, but that would be terribly cynical. The reason is more likely to be the National Party is hopeless and that is being polite.

The tipline has been running hot with angry MPs who are very annoyed with these comments from the weekends press.

Peter Goodfellow has confirmed to the Sunday Star-Times that the party was still in talks with “higher profile” New Zealanders about seeking entry to parliament via its list.

Party bosses were keen to ensure its list featured a strong Asian flavour.

“We have lost Pansy Wong obviously and it would be great to have somebody who appeals to that group of our voters. We certainly have a number of people in the mix who could fill that spot,” he said.

Goodfellow said they were also on the hunt for a prominent Polynesian candidate.

Word is that National have been struggling to get decent PI candidates because the party hierarchy has done so little to reach out to the PI community. This is not a snub to the PI community as the party hierarchy have been busy with all manner of other things like looking after dogs and arranging 1930?s costume dinners at the conference.

Ever the man for his party in a tight spot, the very gallant Murray McCully has been actively and aggressively courting the PI vote by in his own inimitable manner, attempting to recruit April Ieremia. There has been a lot of comment that Muzza has gone above and beyond the call of duty.

Former golden boy and NZX chair Mark Weldon was rumoured to be chased by National to reinforce its white, blokey image, but that doesn?t look like it is going to happen with the FMAs investigation into something a little sordid that doesn?t really warrant thinking about or Mark will never make it into parliament.

This blog has repeatedly called for a full review of the National Party Election Campaign that is not just white wash. The pathetic excuse for selection being delayed (we were concentrating on governing) is just bullshit, and there are other answers that demand answers. This blog will be asking these questions in the coming weeks.