Where Labour could get Coup professionals from?

The simple answer is the faceless men from Sussex St are the place to start. Sussex St is the NSW ALP headquarters, and they managed to hold power for 16 years by being ruthless. Bob Carr got a bit long in the tooth so they replaced him with Morris Iemma. Morris fell out of favour with the faceless men so they gave the job to Nathan Rees. He was from the left faction and pissed off the right faction so they gave him the arse and put in Kristina Keneally.

It didn?t matter much, Keneally got clobbered and the faceless men got the blame. Before she was clobbered they managed to take over the ALP and use their standard tactics, with the support of some others practiced in the arts of low bastardry to get rid of Kevin Rudd to replace him with Julia Gillard.

Maybe someone in Labour should be talking Richo, Arbib,Farrell, Shorten, Howes or Feeney.