Who to believe?

Labour?have?given us two different stories about Epsom.

Firstly there was Trevor Mallard furiously telling lies fed to him by National traitors that Aaron Bhatnagar had me and Simon Lusk on his payroll to ensure victory in Epsom. This is the same lie that he also used against Maggie Barry in North Shore and indirectly against other candidates. There is a key person in National who has spread these lies, both to Mallard and to the media. That person can wait some more for that story to come out.

Nevertheless Labour through Trevor Mallard was running the line that it was Bhatnagar for Epsom and that Banks and Act were financing it all along with Don Brash.

Then we have leadership aspirant Grant Robertson now claiming that the same?selection?that saw Aaron Bhatnagar defeated by Paul Goldsmith was in point of fact a stitch up. That somehow National contrived to tell 60 delegates to vote three times in different ways to select Paul Goldsmith in order to make ACT happy was all?part?of the master plan to control the world.

Both of these stories are of course fanciful. Both are made up and both based on lies. Neither story or story-teller can be believed.

That is Labour’s problem really, they can’t fact facts and when presented with a challenge their first instinct is to lie and their second is to make shit up.

One wonders why they are drawing attention to Epsom and the enemy when they?have?a whole lot more issues to deal with, like telling us the detail that Trevor?Mallard?doesn’t want us to know about their tax grab plan.

Apart from Trevor Mallard and Grant Robertson focussing on Epsom there is also Charles Chauvel in the Dom post focussing on the important issues.

Charlie Shovel

Use of the word ‘straight’ in the headline amused me.

So refreshing though to see Labour concentrating on the issues.