Who wears the pants?

The NZ Herald has an article on carpet-bagger MPs. They must read the Whale because I have been banging on about this for years. I bet if they looked closely you would find that most carpet-bagger MPs prefer to live in an electorate with lower crime stats that the one they represent.

I’ll discuss that in another post but there is one MP that is quoted that?definitely?needs to hand in his man card:

Labour’s?David Cunliffe lives in New Zealand’s most expensive suburb, Herne Bay. It is 15 or 20 minutes’ drive from his New Lynn electorate office, depending on traffic.

Cunliffe’s wife worked on Queen St, he said, and had put the “hard word” on him to move closer to town when the couple were preparing to have children.

He forgot to mention the stonking great bargain he got for the house just up the road from where Winston Peters used to live. I’ve always wondered how you manage to knock that much off a house price. He will of course suffer from that in the future because of his new found love for a capital gains tax.

He was doing so well in his tilt for the leadership, his new video was great, he sounded almost?believable?in his TV appearances touting the new “fair” tax for all but then he goes and wrecks it all by saying he doesn’t live in his electorate because the missus wears the trousers in the family.