Labour has miscalculated just how much they think people support their yet to be released capital gains tax. Even their own supporters hate the tax.

Labour’s in-house polling on its capital gains tax reveals that it is unpopular.

ONE News political editor Guyon Espiner told TV ONE’s Breakfast this morning that he had seen results of a Labour poll and they show that the biggest group of respondents strongly disapprove of the idea of the capital gains tax – 31% of those polled.

People were asked to rate the tax from 1 to 5, where 1 was strongly approve and 5 was strongly disapprove.

“The biggest group was strongly disapprove, at 31%, and 12% rated it a 4 – so about 43% disapprove or strongly disapprove,” Espiner said.

There were 21% in the middle, with 17% strongly approve and 14% approve, an overall approval rate of 31%.

Those numbers fit with the general popularity of Labour and Phil Goff.

The problem that Phil Goff has is that people simply aren’t listening to what Labour has to say and so anything they do say, even if it had merit, gets lost in static. More than 70% of the electorate isn’t listening to Labour, something like 93% isn’t listening to Phil Goff.

This is why Labour needs to axe Goff instead of taxes. People just aren’t listening to him. He even admits that to people privately. If Goff had any care for Labour he would quietly slip away to the back benches.