Why do pinkos always want to spend more of our money?

Nikki Kaye is a good electorate MP for Auckland Central. She fits right in with the liberal elite and her big gay waste of money mardi gras confirms her vote winning potential with the gaggle that usually vote Labour. Fair play to her, she is doing her best to win her seat which is her job and word is she will get stuff all support from the National Party just like anyone else in a strategic seat, so she needs to take outlier positions.

Today she makes another pitch for the liberal elite vote, creating a tram system for other people to use. Trams are an expensive proposition, but worth it if they win votes. This blog may not agree with trams but it does agree that Nikki is bloody good at making people think she is not true blue which is a crucial strategy to hold a red seat like Auckland Central.

The biggest objection to trams is that they are not carbon efficient and they cost a lot more than a far simpler and more cost effective solution, Telecommuting. Everyone in the CBD working from a home office at least one day a week would ease traffic congestion, be friendlier on the planet and cost a lot less than trams.

The problem with Telecommuting is it doesn?t allow pinkos to spend our money on stuff they think we should use. So there is no pinko lobby for telecommuting, even if it is the most fiscally and environmentally responsible solution.