Why Goff can't get any traction?

In 2008 the New Zealand public removed the former colossus of New Zealand politics, Helen Clark from power. Clark was thrown out because her regime became tired in the minds of New Zealand, and Clark lost her mojo, getting issues like smacking wrong. She became out of touch with the New Zealand public and her free spending ways in tough times made no sense disconnecting Labour with the very people who should have been working for her.

These failed policies are what have caused New Zealand to have to borrow $380m per week, and it is the failed policies that the current Labour Party has not moved on from, as much as it has not moved on from the previous regime by keeping the top middle managers from 99-08 in key positions. These key positions keep the public firmly focused on the fact they got rid of Labour due to the failed policies Clark introduced, policies that have held New Zealand back.

If Labour are serious about winning power they need a clean break with the past. They need someone who is clearly identifiable as from the outside of the Clark regime, and someone who has very limited connections with the failed policies New Zealand associate with Clark.

Labour faces two major problems, the first is that Goff, King, Mallard, and Hodgson hold too much sway and are too closely associated with Clark and her failures. The second is they don?t have anyone who can break the link with the past, and clearly articulate a new vision for Labour that accepts Labour failed and were kicked out for failing.

Labour have made this problem worse by not bringing in much new blood that isn’t from the gaggle or self serving. They haven’t done the sensible thing and used the 2011 election for regeneration, and it is likely some of their more able MPs will lose their seats.