Why wouldn't Mallard front?

When the news finally caught up with my posts about Labour being prosecuted for Electoral Act breaches I thought it strange that Labour pushed Grant Robertson out in front to try and weasel his way through the mess.

Trevor Mallard was nowhere to be seen. Why was that?

The answer’s is fairly straight-forward.

They couldn’t use the crippled campaign manager to front. It would?have?destroyed their pathetic excuses.

Mallard?couldn’t?front, because he could not run the ‘we didn’t know about it it was an honest mistake‘ line.Why’s that? ?Because he’s broken this law before!!!!!!!!

From his Wikipedia page:

“In May 2008, Trevor Mallard was warned by New Zealand’s Chief Electoral Officer Robert Pedan that signage on his electorate vehicle breached provisions of the controversial?Electoral Finance Act and ordered him to update the signage to include an authorisation from party officials. However, the Chief Electoral Officer did not refer the matter to the New Zealand Police to prosecute as the matter was considered inconsequential.

Here is the news article from the time complete with a photo of the offender and the offending vehicle. The article also says:

The Electoral Commission ruled Labour secretary Mike Smith broke the law by using the party, rather than his home, address on a promotional CD and a taxpayer-funded Labour brochure was caught for not carrying authorisation.

So actually – they ARE repeat offenders. ?No wonder Peden at the Electoral Commission is pissed.

They’re either thick – or they’re deliberate. ?Or both.

Given that he is the campaign manager it seems incredible that Labour are still trying for that defense. The Police need to set an example otherwise why bother having the law in the first?place?if parties can just willy-nilly ignore them.