You are who your ad-man is – Part Three

I have blogged over the past two days about Labour’s ad-man who holds strong views on women, welfare and education.

Trevor Mallard and other luminaries of the left have attacked John Ansell and other people for their personal beliefs in efforts to smear their political opponents. But is their logic follows that you are who you ad-men are then Labour has some serious issues with credibility.

Mike Hutcheson appears to be a man with some very strong right-wing views. He thinks:

Our country has a social welfare web that cushions citizens from the consequences of their actions. The state actually rewards mothers for breeding, regardless of their capacity to successfully launch a new life into the world.

His views on teachers and education are certainly strong than Anne Tolley’s and then there are the Labour ad-man?s views on climate change:

Since women got the vote, it’s no longer fashionable to sacrifice virgins for ecological purposes.

Fluctuations in the sun’s radiation have a lot more influence than does man-made CO2. It?s interesting to note that Mars is warming up too ? and the Martian polar caps are melting ? but it?s hard to argue it?s as the result of rampant capitalism and gas-guzzling SUVs.

Global warming doomsayers claim the earth’s temperature will increase by between 1 and 5 degrees over the next century. My mate doesn?t trust any projection with a margin of error of 500%.

Empirical evidence also disputes the climate modelling. Indeed, the best evidence shows over the past two decades, when CO2 levels have been at their highest, global average temperatures have actually cooled slightly.

And of course throughout history there have been huge variations in temperature.

Ad hominem attacks are a common tactic of leftists when faced with unfavourable evidence. If they can’t play the ball they play the man.


An increasing body of research tells us that the Kyoto Protocol is based on poor science and flawed computer models. More recently, a Judge?s ruling in Britain said exactly the same thing the same about Al Gore?s movie.

While no sensible person could want anything but reduced pollution and a sustainable future for our planet, the most recent evidence suggests that the major contributors to climate change are as likely to be due to naturally occurring phenomena such as increased solar activity, forest fires and volcanoes rather than man-made emissions.

So if they can?t find a way to ban fires and volcanic eruptions, before we let the global-warming lynch-mob hang the motorcar from a tree in the nearest rain forest, maybe we should try and convince them that there is reasonable doubt as to its guilt.

So Trevor, Bomber, if the ad men speak for the parties they work for, then how does Labour explain its new policies on climate change, education, and welfare? Mike Hutcheson is clearly a filthy denier more suited to the hard right of the ACT party or National and yet he is running your campaigns.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think that mike is the consummate professional, but because of trevor Mallard we must hold his views to account against those of the Labour party, surely, in the interests of fairness and transparency.