You are who your ad man is – Part One

So it appears Labour?s?new ad man Mike Hutcheson was the brains behind this?little beauty.

Despite the awful lapse in judgment that led to the tragic spectacle of the ?Gambler? song, Hutch as he?s known, actually describes himself as being ?to the right of Atilla the Hun?, and declared New Zealand under Helen Clark as a ?girltocracy?.

So I?ve often found his campaign involvement with the likes of?Len Brown and the left a little strange.??Perhaps it?s just the pay cheque.

But the reason I mention him, is in relation to Trevor Mallard?s attempted smears on ACT following the very public brain explosion by its ex-ad man?John Ansell.

Using Trevor?s (il)logic: If Ansell was speaking for Act, then Hutch must be speaking for Labour – right?

Our country has a social welfare web that cushions citizens from the consequences of their actions. The state actually rewards mothers for breeding, regardless of their capacity to successfully launch a new life into the world.

Remember the outrage of Bomber over Cactus Kates “heaving pathetic underclass”? Remember the outrage over Alisdair Thompson’s “monthly sick days” comments?

I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that there isn’t a squeak from the same people over that “outrageous” comment from Labour’s ad-man. They will excuse it away by saying some along the lines of “oh, that’s just Hutch being Hutch”.