You are who your friends are – continued

Trevor Mallard likes to smear people with who pops up as their friends on Facebook. He also likes to tell lies about people.

Trevor Mallard, by virtue of his friends on Facebook is a person who supports the stoning of gays, a drug liberaliser, a filthy hater of poor and a person who walks goats and make bomb hoaxes.

Today I can also reveal that Trevor Mallard is friends with a filthy lobbyist. I wonder what The Greens are going to say about all this. I wonder what Little Trev will say. The shame of it all, friends with a person mentioned heavily in The Hollow Men. Does that make Trevor a Hollow Man too? Given his high level National party sources for his smears then it may well be he is a Hollow Man. The ones leaking to him were all in office around that time.

Trevor Mallard is a filthy Lobbyist

Of course it is fanciful to suggest that Trevor Mallard is in the pay of Matthew Hooton but that is exactly what Trevor Mallard says about me or my friends or those involved in causes he doesn’t agree with if we or they take a position on anything. He just hurls the accusation out there knowing that it either can’t be refuted or that it based on any fact. If we are to believe what Trevor Mallard says then surely he too is under?the?influence of people like Matthew Hooton.

Proverbs 6 tells us about people like Trevor Mallard:

12 What are worthless and wicked people like?
They are constant liars,
13 signaling their deceit with a wink of the eye,
a nudge of the foot, or the wiggle of fingers.
14 Their perverted hearts plot evil,
and they constantly stir up trouble.

I just wonder why when faced with any issue why Trevor Mallard’s default position is to lie. For once in his miserable he could try to tell the truth.