A comment from a former Labour voter

A commenter posted this yesterday:

from a pre?vi?ous labour vot?ers per?spec?tive
I see that the Her?ald Arti?cles havent worked for Labour. Labour is call?ing out to peo?ple but not even an echo is return?ing. Now a 26% split between the left ?and the right. With the Greens drop?ping ?and Labour pick?ing up the slack. Do we smell a big Bar?be?cue sea?son com?ing on for Labour. All my fam?ily use to vote Labour, my mum, my dad, my aunties,my uncle but they have all switched. Labour has dis?en?fran?chised itself from its own vot?ers. By chas?ing fringe votes. Who would ever in their life see the West?coast falling to National.Labour is all about Tax ?and Spend noth?ing about pro?duc?tiv?ity. As long as you take eco?nom?ics advice from the Fabian Social?ists you will con?tinue to lan?guish in the polls. Place more impor?tance on your core vot?ers ?and less on the Pink vote ?and you just might turn it around. No one in the coun?try at the moment sees any?one in Labour capa?ble of eco?nomic vision or capa?ble of run?ning a com?pany yet alone a coun?try. Get rid of the job for the boys men?tal?ity stop bring?ing in tired union hacks, and start bring?ing in smart busi?ness peo?ple. If the coun?try cant earn you cant spend you big gov?ern?ment and Social?ist ideals look extremely hol?low. If not laughable.

Food for thought for Labour after last nights polls.