ACT's demise?

Today?s NZ?Herald?editorial talks about ACT and how they are struggling for relevance after the election by limiting their negotiating power before the election.

Like all other minor parties except the Greens, ACT has struggled with losing its leader, Richard Prebble, and losing its way in government. Now with the leading lights of ACT being Brash and Banks, ACT is struggling with maintaining its activist base, people who are frustrated with the direction ACT is taking and the people that are taking them there.

ACT looks increasingly unlikely to be able to rebuild, and this is not just now, it is well into the future. John Banks is a good friend of this blogger, and a good politician, but he does not motivate ACT volunteers and the people that will carry the party through the inevitable tough times when the right fall out of power.

I have been consistent in saying that under MMP National will not have any coalition partners in the near future. Nothing ACT have done in the past few months changes this view.