Act's List released

The tipline has been running hot since Act started its candidate list selection.

At 2% remember this is all akin to fighting over who is left to clean up spilt milk in the kitchen really.

Now the party has released their list. Hillary Calvert has rather abruptly received the same message as the treacherous Heather Roy, that her services were no longer required. A shame John Boscawen hasn’t been given the same message for a full clean-out after his conflicts in the campaign so far. He remains the only MP making the 2011 cut.

Cactus Kate will not be very happy that her sole favoured female candidate Catherine Isaac/Judd/Kerr still isn’t announced, could she be the mystery 3rd place spot which is as yet unannounced.

As to Cactus’ omission on the list, this was not unexpected once it was known that her targets Calvert and Roy were gone. Cactus has pretended rather brilliantly the past months to be keen to give up her entire lifestyle, income and presumedly the rooting, boozing and swearing to be a meaningless scum List MP. I know, just quietly, that she wanted to be an MP like she wanted cancer.

I had far more faith in her than that, even though I was worried enough to have an intervention planned when she made a quick visit this week to meet with the Board and for the first time since I’ve known her, I saw her in a suit!

The real tipline hot point however is the ranking the Act membership placed Cactus in their vote. It seems from several reports I have received now that she was placed higher than all the sitting MPs and only just below the Leader and Epsom candidate in the final members voting list. That is at number 3! Cactus Kate is clearly popular with the membership and is probably related to the fact that she takes many of them out on the town and plies them with copious quanties of top shelf booze. I wonder though why the party is yet to confirm the 3rd spot?

If so, it would be interesting to know what her final list placing was before she kamikazed out. I haven’t been able to get hold of her to ask these questions and assume she’s recovering from a thermonuclear hangover from her last night in town, and is busy right now re-hydrating before the long flight back to Honkers.

If the rumours are true then once again the Act Board is going against the wishes of its members to suit themselves. Not to mention yet another reason to Vote for Change when even the membership of a Party doesn’t influence properly the final list placings of those who put their names forward.

Act chooses its Party list with a panel of just 12 persons, many whom themselves are standing as candidates. One was Roger Douglas, a man who won’t even be an MP or relevant in the slightest way in a few weeks time, yet is know to influence list selections through often evil means.

ACT is dysfunctional as a party. It has more factions now than even Labour. Their campaign is being run by the most terminally boring man in parliament and organised by the guy who was on holiday, left his station and let Rodney get rolled. It is bizarre that people who want to be candidates are allowed to sit in on candidate interviews or even on the board while they are actively seeking nomination. The most outrageous example is Chris Simmons, the current president, who has scored a top list ranking despite being the president and on the board and at the same time actively involved in blocking anything the leader says or does. Farrar again shows how out of touch with the inner workings of Act he is by surmising he has been rewarded for holding the party together. More like he has been rewarded for white-anting Don Brash along the way.

Number 6 and numb er 8 on?the?list are fascinating. It seems Act has gone the way of Labour and started to reward policy wonks with no real life experience or real jobs. Utterly strange.

The conflicts of interest in the ACT party are almost at the point of political corruption. The list is chosen by such a small subset of the membership and it appears they ignore the members as well, leading once again to the charge that MMP encourages deals done behind closed doors in two star motels of the sort that you would take your third string mistress to for a mid-day rummage, or in cheap greasy spoons.

ACt at McDonalds

If you want a clear indicator that Act’s list management processes are corrupt take a look at iPredict stock for list positions and see when Don Nicholson’s, Cathy Odgers and Hilary Calvert’s stocks started going through the floor, huge hint, it was before the list was even announced. I looked at 10am and they were all at zero by then.

That’s the sort of democracy you get under MMP with dodgy deals and?back-room?maneuverings. No wonder people are sick and tired of politicians.