An Economic Analysis of Gang Colors

I saw an article in the Herald on Sunday about the King Cobra gang that referenced Todd McClay’s private members bill about gang patches.

Coincidentally I was reading on Andrew Sullivan a snippet from an article about the Economics of Gang Colors.

If you?re a criminal, one of your principal challenges involves knowing whom it?s safe to do business with. You don?t want to sell to an undercover cop, obviously, but you also don?t want to sell to an eager-but-clueless criminal who may well get caught and drag you down with him. Like certain ostentatious displays by males in the animal kingdom, gang colors serve as a handicap, [economist Andrew] Mell argues: Yes, they make it more likely that the person wearing them will be caught. Yet they semaphore the following message: If I?m still willing to commit crimes when I have this handicap, I must be pretty good at evading the police. Incompetent criminals couldn?t get away with wearing gang colors.