Another of Phil's lies busted

Yet another of Phil Goff’s lies has been busted.

Asked if he would consider letting the Prime Minister sit in, Goff said: “The Prime Minister?would be very welcome to sit in. I would love to get all the same briefings that he gets.”

Note how he does that. Suggests that his briefing is somehow materially different from John Key. He is suggesting and cultivating the impression that poor Phil is left out.

However in another release and letter from the SIS to Scoop Media,?Warren Tucker buries that lie of Phil Goff’s.

[scanned document]

There it is in black and white, for all to see. The briefing Phil Goff receieved was “identical” to John Key’s briefing. Phil Goff’s comments about getting different briefings to the PM is exposed for the lie it was.

Phil Goff hasn’t told the truth, either deliberately or by?omission?from the get go in this whole sorry affair. He needs to come clean, or failing that apologise.

If he does not it shows quite clearly that the man is unfit for office. I wonder though why he is continuing to keep this issue in the public domain?