Another "One"

Shane Jones is "one"You are one of the best fixers in maoridom, and traded your ability to fix things for a safe list seat for Labour. Based on your solving the maori fisheries issue you immediately became labeled likely to be the ?First Maori Prime Minister?.

Being a good keen man you got slightly off side with the gaggle and the sisterhood, and the self serving unionist are a bit leery of you because you are not one of them. You believe you have cross over appeal to all New Zealanders, and do not have a reputation for being an arrogant c*** or a charisma free zone. Your cross over appeal is so great that your opponents on the other side of the house often ask you to join them, because they think your appeal to middle New Zealand would help them.

Unfortunately in the course of your ministerial duties you blotted your copy book, and had to pay back a modest amount of taxpayer money. Unlike your leader when he gets in trouble, you front footed it, apologized and copped it sweet.

This same leader, who thinks lying and blaming others is the way out of trouble, is now ruining your chances of being New Zealand?s first Maori Prime Minister. He has rooted your party, and seems intent on taking it to its lowest vote ever, through an incredibly inept display over nearly three years.

So you start wondering what would happen if you replaced him. Would you lift the polls? Would you be able to clean out the deadwood and make sure there were more MPs who appreciated red blooded males? Would you position yourself for becoming New Zealand?s first Maori Prime Minister in 2014?

Then you start thinking what a bunch of hopeless wets your caucus colleagues are, and start wondering why a ?one? like you should wait around for a C*** or a Charisma free zone to ruin your party. So you get on the phone and start talking to your mates in caucus, and go from being a ?one? to the ?one?.