Another One

Tainui PrincessYou are a Maori Princess, known as ?Hon? rather than ?HRH?, but none the less the most likely person in your party to reconnect with Maori. As a princess you have always had a great faith in your destiny, and so far the prophecies have come true. You are going to be a great leader of your people.

You have seen traditional Maori support drain away to your opponents, and wonder whether this is because the leading Maori in your party is a super heavy weight from a light weight tribe Ngati Porou. The other leading Maori may have a good record in fixing intertribal battles, but he blotted his copy book at the same time as his hotel bed linen at the tax payers expense, and is no longer taken seriously in the Maori community.

Arriving late into the Clark Cabinet you are not tarnished by the Sea Bed and Fore Shore, so can legitimately dodge questions about this debacle that cost your party so many votes. But you will never be able to reconnect with those who rightfully should vote Labour until the people behind this dreadful act are removed from parliament.

In the sixth Labour Government you will take your rightful place on the front bench, and do more good for your people than any before you. You may not be ?HRH? but ?Dame? is a lot more pleasant than ?Hon?, and a nice family symmetry. Unfortunately your path to your title is being betrayed by an inept leader who cannot connect with anyone, not your people, not traditional Labour voters and not swing voters.

And a new leader might recognise that yesterday?s man and the man with the blotted copy book need to move on, leaving you as the leading Maori in the party.

So you look around and wonder if your destiny would be fulfilled if your party had a new leader.

You become another of the most important numbers in a coup, a ?one?.