Another "One"

Clare Curran is OneYou are a highly talented political communications expert who took an axe to deadwood at the last campaign. You now hold a safe seat for life in the Peoples Republic of Dunedin. This caused some comment as by rights no one from the grey dank oppressive cesspit that is the PRD or a female member of the modern Labour party should be quite as chic as you.

Being a communications specialist you have some firm ideas on how Labour should be communicating its message. You realise that in politics it is often the messenger that is the most important factor, and you have puzzled for years over how a self made money man can come across so well for so long, when all New Zealand really wants is a progressive government and to be clean and green.

Instead of a good messenger you have a man who at best is an ineffective middle manager, and at worst a boring drone that New Zealand doesn?t listen to. So you start thinking, and wondering whether your progressive ideals are being held up by your leader, or if it just the keystone cop of a campaign manager who is making a mess of your career by keeping Labour in opposition for far longer than is just.

The thought of another interminable period in opposition where you cannot implement the policies progressive New Zealand so badly needs is driving you to distraction. The constant travel from the depths of the South for so little reward is sapping your resolve. Your talents are wasted on the back bench, and if you were in cabinet you would be able to avoid the dank oppression of the PRD even more than you do currently.

Worse still just two weeks ago you suffered the gross indignity of being named in a gossip column and being associated with the crippled campaign manager. It has been?difficult?to near impossible to overcome the embarrassment and having to constantly explain away the column to those who matter to you have worn you thin.

With your customary ?lan matched with nerves of steel you contemplate a future without a drone of a leader, and with someone that the public of New Zealand will listen to. The more you think the more you think a progressive New Zealand will be best served by a new leader, and so you become another of the most important number in a coup, a ?One?.