Another one Phil forgot

Phil Goff really has become quite forgetful. He forgot he had a briefing with the SIS about Israeli tourists, and as late as last night was still making a big deal over it despite the documentary evidence to the contrary.

Yesterday he was making big waves about his time as Defence Minister and saying how terrible things never happened on his watch. Of course that wasn’t true, Phil forgot about the Army Colonel who scammed large quantities of booze and the 6 soldiers in Afghanistan charged with drug dealing.

He has also forgotten about the case of the young naval rating killed in a drunk driving incident near Devonport naval Base.

A young sailor was killed in a car crash near the Devonport naval base at the weekend despite a Navy campaign against drink-driving.

Jasmine Annie Bastion was sitting in the back seat of the?Mazda RX7?when it slammed into a concrete wall on Queens Parade early on Saturday.

The 23-year-old, an able chef, died in hospital later that day.

Three young men were cut out of the wreck with minor injuries.

Police say the people in the vehicle had been drinking at a local bar.

It is not known if the 19-year-old driver had also been drinking. Police are awaiting the results of tests on a blood alcohol sample.

The Devonport base has its own bar and Lieutenant Commander Barbara Cassin said the Navy had many action plans in place to convince personnel about the dangers of drink-driving.

Phil Goff was the Minister during this incident. I wonder of he got briefed? I wonder of I have to OIA those minutes to prove he got briefed on that too.

When is Phil Goff going to start remembering simple things instead of grandstanding in desperate bids for relevance?

With a memory as porous as Phil seems to have can we really trust him in the big job, let alone to?lead?the Opposition.