At least someone has got the balls to take a stand

Jami-lee Ross is making a stand on the referendum. He has an opinion piece in the Howick and Pakuranga Times:

Images of Winston Peters holding the nation to ransom in 1996 and 2005 conjure up feelings of resentment and hatred.

Watching MPs slip through the back door of a party list after being turfed out of a constituency seat can bring a sense of anger and disgust. These are just two of the flaws of our MMP system.

The biggest problem with mixed member proportional would have to be the disproportionate level of influence that can sometimes end up in the hands of minor parties.

I?ve never been convinced that a party with only a few per cent of the vote should hold the balance of power. Nor can I accept that New Zealanders should have to set aside certainty and stability in their electoral system so minor interests can be represented.

Politics and perfection rarely go hand in hand. However, a stronger degree of balance and rationality would be welcome.

We need more accountability in our electoral system.

Accountability where voters can vote bad MPs out and not have them sneak back in on the party list. Accountability where voters determine the fate of an MP, not a faceless back-room list operation.

We also need more certainty in our electoral system.

Certainty where the Winstons, Harawiras and Dons of the political world are not able to determine the direction of the next government.

Certainty that gives voters a clear idea of what they are getting in a government without having to wait for coalition negotiations to be concluded.

Referendums are few and far between. This is an opportunity to spell out whether we want to allow the problems of MMP to continue, or whether we want to vote for change. Let?s use our votes wisely.

When I?m asked on November 26 whether I want to keep MMP, my personal vote will firmly be in the ?no? column.

Nice to see a National MP finding his testicles.