Attorney General material?

I’m no lawyer, but the guy who wants to be Attorney General is.

Perhaps my readers would be interested in debating this interpretation of the law by Mr Chauvel.

Chauvel said in a media statement today he did not believe he breached the rules.

“As to the Commission’s view that the publication lacks a promoter statement, it is utterly clear from the census that I am its author,” Chauvel said.

“The Act does not expressly require the use of the words ‘authorised by’ but there can be no doubt that the publication was authorised by me.”

Chauvel said he respects the commission’s “right to reach a different view” and said further publications will comply with its interpretations of the Act.

Poor old Charles Chauvel. No contrition and blaming someone else for the predicament he is in and all for the want of two little words and an address.