Better effort from Nashy, not so much Clare

Yesterday Stuart Nash was a bit of dick with his Twitter efforts. However by evening he had settled down and has written a?pearler?of a post that would have been oh so much more effective than his hurling abuse across the twitterverse.

English, Adams and Bennett are all farmers (2 South Island drystock and 1 Waikato dairy), hence the irony of being lectured on debt and tax considering the farming sector has around $40b worth of debt, or a quarter of NZs total debt (most held by overseas-owned banks), and many in the farming community are masters at ?optimising? their own tax obligations.

Obviously all three would be subject to a capital gains tax when they sold their farms (I know Adams and Bennett have more than one farm, but unsure about English). So I was left wondering who these three cockies are representing ? the NZers they claim to speak for, or their own back pockets..? Call me cynical, but I suspect its the latter.

For a whole number of reasons this approach is far better than hurling abuse at John Key. For a start about as many people like Bill English as like Phil Goff so bashing away at Bill will prove fruitful. Likewise David Bennett who is still using his “cancer” to pull chicks.

Hopefully Stuart has learned that Trevor’s stealing underpants campaign has got them into the polling hole they currently suffer and is now trying to raise the bar. Hopefully he has taken aside other younger members of caucus and quietly told them to lift their game and distance themselves from the smear tactics.

Stuart’s post after his anger on Twitter was in stark contrast to Clare Curran’s effort at redemption which frankly was?disappointing. Her post previously linking John Key to baby-killers was pure underpants stealing and ultimately pointless. I’ve come to expect better from her.

Labour need to learn that attacking John Key and trying to link him to all sorts of crimes, real or imagined won’t work. Even the baby-killing accusation won’t work, even if they had a photo of John snacking on baby brains. The voters out there would chuckle and say “oh look, there’s that nice Mr Key enjoying a hearty, iron filled snack”.

I fear fro Labour, if they stick to the old boys plan they may very well challenge Bill English for electoral ignominy and I for one certainly don’t want to see that.