Coddington on Caring

Deborah Coddington and I don’t normally see eye to eye. However however her article today in the ?Herald on Sunday on caring for our kids is a good one.

Everything she mentions is good, but the part I want to focus on is where she mentions me, not because it mentions me but because of the sentiments it expresses.

This programme isn’t unique – there are many, not necessarily church-based – around New Zealand. Churches are a good place to start but it’s fashionable these days to dismiss anything concerning Christianity. Wanganui’s Mayor, Annette Main, wants to remove the opening prayer from the council meeting because she thinks it should respect “all faiths”, a move which is now before the Human Rights Tribunal. Did it really harm anyone to mention God before the meetings?

Cameron Slater doesn’t hold back in his pummelling of my writings but my repugnance for one of his cowardly critics far outweighs his loathing of me.

Slater recently blogged that he’d no longer be a panellist on Martyn Bradbury’s television programme after Bradbury, among other insults, tried to link Slater’s Christian beliefs to far-right Christian Anders Breivik’s slaughter at Norway’s youth camp.

Would Bradbury dare link Muslim Labour MP Ashraf Choudhary to the 2001 terrorist attacks in New York?

No, because “respecting all faiths” in this country often means tip-toeing around Islam but mocking?Christianity

Too often we see this happening. When Ashraf Choudhary advocated the stoning of gays because the Koran says sa there wasn’t mass outrage and only muted mumblings from the Labour party. Yet when Colin Craig wants to stand for office much is made about his christianity even though he never goes to church. To my knowledge Colin Craig has never advocated the stoning of gays, and yet there are people who don’t want to see him in parliament all the while Ashraf Choudary sits the house.

Many churches have plenty to offer in delivering social support services to people in need. Many churches already do. Organisations like Presbyterian Support and ADRA make huge contributions not just to our New Zealand community but also in the third world. To dismiss their expertise out of hand simply because they are christian organisation would be acceptable only if there were plenty of other offers out there.

Coddington is right, governments can’t care for kids, communities do. Churches are more of a community than a government will ever be.