Dann and Goff – Dumb and Dumber

On TVNZ Breakfast yesterday Corin Dann talked to John Key about National Standards and said this:

Corin:???But Trevor Mallard in parliament last week I think it was, or I’m not sure exactly when it was, said that you know a lot of boards are still writing letters to the Minister, 48 boards sent letters expressing concerns.

Yes, correct Corin you aren’t exactly sure of anything. You are referring to something from a year ago.

Now let’s be kind to Corin and blame the researcher. But does he really not know that Mallard is no longer Labour Education spokesperson? We’ve had Hughes, Shearer and Moroney since then.

Cut to this morning. Corin is up against?Goff.

First, Goff admits the old system wasn’t working.

PHIL GOFF:?Yeah, look, look, parents do want to know how well their children are achieving and I don’t think schools always did that as well as they could have but the model that the Government has put up is one that is essentially political but the educational specialists, the principals, the people who are running the school, think is a waste of time and a waste of their effort and money and that makes this a failure. The Government has utterly failed to persuade the educationalists.

So one in five kids are failing in school – Goff admits the old system wasn’t working.?But THIS form of National Standards isn’t the answer. The “educationalists” – who think they run this sector – haven’t approved because it means they will be found out.

CORIN DANN:?????So would Labour review it? What would you do?

PHIL GOFF:?Oh, yeah, look, I think national standards in that form would go. We’ve always had national standards.

So we need standards, but not these standards. And here is where Goff has f#cked up yet again.

There have never been National Standards in our schools. Labour were quite content to keep letting one in five kids fail.

The reason being, Labour relies on the militant teachers’ unions for support. They can’t promise or do anything that would upset them. It’s all about the unions – nothing to do with failing kids.

Labour’s only education policy is to let teachers weave their magic.