Dear Lockwood

Hon Dr Lockwood Smith
Speaker of the House of Representatives

By blog and email

Re: Parliamentary Services Funded Travel being used for Party Business

Dear Dr Smith,

Could you please clarify the rules around the use of Parliamentary Services funded travel where MPs are predominantly travelling to campaign.

The example I have in mind is MPs travelling to swing seats during the next four months to campaign on behalf of their party?s candidate.

In the event that MPs are breaking the rules around the use of parliamentary services funding to campaign could you please inform me what steps you will be taking to recover the costs from those who have breached the rules?

Should you choose not to recover these costs could you please inform me what steps I can personally take to recover these funds on behalf of the New Zealand tax payer.

Further would you be able to inform me of whether I should refer these breaches to the Electoral Commission if this spending is not included in Party?s electoral returns.

Yours faithfully


Cameron Slater