Dear Mr Peden

Mr Robert?Peden

Chief Elec?toral Officer

By blog and email:?[email protected]

Re: Illegal Election Signs – Rotorua

Dear Mr?Peden,

I am writ?ing to advice of a Labour candidate, Ms Steve Chadwick and her election hoardings which were erected this weekend in Rotorua.

Attached are two examples. One is on Fairy Springs Road, Rotorua and the other is on State Highway 33, Rotorua.

I note that the Elections website stipulates:

The Electoral Act 1993 allows for election signs up to three square metres in size to be put up in the two months?before election day.

This provision overrides any local authority rules about size and timing of the display of signs.

These signs are in clear contravention of the Electoral Act regarding election signs.

If you require additional exam?ples of these signs then please let me know and I will pro?vide examples.

Yours faith?fully


Cam Slater