Did Goff tell another whopper?

Did Phil Goff tell another lie?

History would seem to indicate that he did. Now Fairfax brings a little bit more clarity to Goff’s truthiness issue.

He would not comment on reports that Mr Goff consulted his front bench on whether he should resign as leader. It was not his policy to comment on frontbench meetings, Mr Cunliffe said.

Mr Goff has denied the reports but Stuff has been told the conversation did happen.

However, veteran party sources say there was nothing unusual about the question.

It would be normal for a leader to canvass whether they were the problem if the polls were particularly bad.

Phil Goff is?adamant?that this discussion never took?place. Just like he was?adamant?that he was never briefed byt eh SIS when he was, and?adamant?that he had only known about the Darren Hughes affair for a couple of weeks when it was more like 4 or 5 weeks.

Why can’t Phil Goff tell us the truth?

Or could things be worse, Phil Goff actually believes what he says to be the truth, which indicates a far more serious issue for the man who would be Prime Minister.