Does the MSM need training on OIA requests from bloggers?

I notice that there is still much whining from the left about my OIA request, and not so much about a similarly embarrassing OIA request from No Right Turn.

I don;t like Idiot/Savant at No Right Turn, otherwise known as Malcolm Harbrow. He is shrill, nasty and won’t tolerate any alternate views. However notwithstanding that he is perfectly entitled to bombard government departments with OIA requests just like I am.

Even better he is successful like I am on?particular?issues, probably for the same reasons.

In his paper to the Cabinet appointments and honours committee, Mr Brownlee said he did not believe the recommended rate would be enough. But in response to an Official Information Act request by liberal blogger No Right Turn, Mr Brownlee said he did not discuss pay with the nominees.

No Right Turn has caught Gerry with his pants down. Good on him. Gerry certainly has some explaining to do. What I expect now though is that Gerry, unlike Phil Goff won’t go attacking Malcolm because he is a leftwing blogger, if he does then Gerry is a flake…oh wait…he is a flake. Carry on Malcolm.

I suspect he caught him because like me he filed an OIA that was laser like in it’s framing. Straight at the target, deduced through reasoning to be specific.

One thing I have found with such requests, like my many LGOIMA requests and OIA requests, is that the more specific and the closer to the incident, timewise, you are the quicker and more accurate the response.

I know of some?journalists?that fire off OIA requests. I know because they tell me, I know because they whine about the length of time they take, and when you ask them what they asked for you find that they have gone broad brush and basically on a fishing expedition. Those requests take months, run the risk of being rejected out of hand due to substantial collation efforts or become irrelevant through the passage of time.

The secret is to be short, sharp and to the point asking narrow questions that can easily be fulfilled. If the MSM would like some training then I am happy to oblige. Unlike my content that they are happy to take for free though, I will charge for training.