Don't Panic, Don't panic

Sometimes you just have to wonder. We have Mike Williams saying there is no need for Labour to panic, yet we have reports that blind panic is setting as the old Guard of Phil, Trev, Annette entrench their positions and Clare Curran getting all nasty in the blogs because the Greens on the extreme left are stealing Labour supporters.

Labour are making the mistake of fighting their Greenie partner for the few votes on the extreme left fringe, and leaving the centre wide open for National and Key to dominate.? Fools.

Then Mike Williams admits the election is lost with Phil at the helm. Mr Williams says it’d be counterproductive to roll Phil Goff as leader now.

“Anyone who came in to occupy that position, and I can’t think who would, would be looked upon as a kind of night watchman in cricket. It’s a poisoned chalice,” he says

Unbelievable – the night-watchman is the fill-in position, not expected to go the distance, maybe score a few runs, but essentially not stuff up.? Phil Goff is better compared as the night watchman who runs out half his team-mates between drinks and end of the days play.

No one is Labour has any faith in Goff. They just have no one better (thanks to the insecurities and mis-management of Clark).? Bill English’s record looks under risk as the factions of Labour biff each other, have no game plan (except stealing underpants) and no money.