Down in the bunker

Bunker mentalityLabour are now in bunker mode. Their thinking is very much last stand type thinking.

Ironically they are all back in their electorate campaigning hard under a FPP mentality?desperately?trying to save THEIR seat. They aren’t trying any more for the party vote, it is all about personal survival.

Of course the ones left scratching their heads are those literally taking one for the team on the list in un-winnable seats. They are watching their party sink and their prospects of re-election sink with it.

Watch now for evidence of Labour MPs advertising locally yet minimising or completely ignoring the Labour brand. Clayton Cosgrove has been doing it for years. Take a look at his website and you wouldn’t know he was a Labour MP. His latest newsletter to constituents doesn’t even have a single instance of the word “Labour” in it. Information filtering in via the tipline tells me that Jacinda Ardern is playing the same game in Auckland Central hoping beyond hope that the voters don’t twig she is a Labour candidate.

Labour suport MMP, almost to the last candidate. The irony is that they aren’t all that focused right now on the party vote because they are fighting individual battles to stay in the game and the party brand is damaged so badly that no one wants to be associated with it.

Let me know via the tipline if you come across any other examples of labour candidates de-branding themselves.