Eating their own

Labour is in melt down.

After the?disastrous?polls of the weekend, followed up by 3News finding that 78% of voters think Phil Goff is a loser they are under pressure.

Clare Curran is feeling the pressure and has two posts bemoaning the impact the Greens are having. This is sparked an angry?response?from Labour/Green supporters.

Idiot/Savant comments in response to Clare Curran going postal on the commenters:

Yes, and its terrible. But if you want to do anything about it, you actually need to persuade people to vote for you. Instead, you?re just arrogantly demanding we do, like some medieval king ordering his peasants.

Some people might regard that as counterproductive.

Even Chris Trotter leaps in:

Well, Clare, if Labour really wanted to test the Greens commitment to building (or should that be re-building?) a strong trade union movement, it could simply ask for the Green Party?s support in re-introducing an industrial relations system in which every worker was guaranteed the protection of union membership, including automatic inclusion, at the time of hiring, in an industry-wide agreement setting forth minimum wage-rates and conditions.

Try that one on them. Hell! Try it on your caucus colleagues!

See how far you get.

Worse still it has prompted left wing blogs to go feral on Labour.

No Right Turn:?The ugly face of Labour

Imperator Fish:?Is Red Alert Damaging Labour?

Dimpost:?Twitter war of the day, why the left should vote strategically?edition

Times are tough for Labour, the cracks are beginning to show. It still appears though that none have the courage to do anything other than whine about it and as one Labour supporter comments:

That any caucus member feels entitled to make a statement like this one in an election year is a sign of ill-discipline. It tends to be punished by voters.

The pressure is telling. An old mate of mine used to say that pressure makes diamonds, right now labour is just making coal.