Eating their own, ctd

Labour and their supporters are continuing their internecine fighting.

No Right Turn looks at who is to blame for Labour’s poll hole:?Excuses, excuses

Phil Goff’s excuse for his?latest round of poor polling??“People aren’t focused on the issues”. But before Labour hacks engage in another round of “blame the voters”, I think we should ask: whose fault is that?

To point out the obvious, getting people to care about “the issues” so that they are energised and mobilised to vote is a core task of a political party. If people aren’t focused on Labour’s chosen issues, then that tells us that the Labour Party is doing a piss-poor job. Either they’ve chosen their issues badly, or they’re communicating them poorly (and in particular, worse than the government). But either way, it is not the voters who are at fault, but the party. And blaming the voters for the party’s failure just adds to the perception that Labour is arrogant.

As for what they can do about it, I think the answer is pretty clear: Labour needs to own its own shit. Stop making excuses, accept responsibility for failure, and lift their game. And if they don’t, and a bunch of them are out of work come November 27, then they have no-one to blame but themselves.

DimPost?likewise?is unimpressed:?Clown show?watch

He notes the leadership battles are now out in the open.

Meanwhile, in totally unrelated news,?Shane Jones was on?The Nation last weekend implying that David Cunliffe was behind the recent caucus leaks, and today Trevor Mallard has hinted to gallery journalists that Shane Jones was the culprit.

Labour knows they are in trouble, even their creatives are playing not to lose too heavily rather than playing to win. A tipster via the tipline tells me that they overheard a?conversation?that included Labour’s creative genius that was basically a concession of defeat. The creative was of the opinion that ‘win’ for them was to ‘close the gap’. Rather like Phil Goff’s two fron teeth, this is?impossible?unless major surgery occurs inside the next 37 days.