Eating their own II

Labour’s proxies, their lap-bloggers and supporters continue to eat their own.

This morning even the rabid Standard has entered the fray:

90% of Labour?s MPs are hardworking, principled, and bloody good at what they do. Cunliffe, Fenton, Parker, Nash, Moroney, Ardern, King, O?Connor, Shearer, Twyford, Davis, Mahuta. The list goes on. It?s the quality of these people and what they believe in that makes me support Labour. A pity, then, that loudmouths like Clare Curran taint their public image.

It is a cardinal sin in Labour to have your own opinion.

Hard to believe she?s meant to be a PR expert.

Like I say, I don?t think a couple of bad apples spoil the Labour barrel any more than a couple of bad MPs make the Greens a bad party or a couple of good ones change the fact that National is a force for elitism and incompetence. But it would be welcome if the likes of Curran developed some humility. She has some great local issues, like Kiwirail, and some people in real need in her electorate. She should concentrate on getting those things right and drop the intemperate online comments.

Labour really can’t tolerate dissent or contrary opinion. The pressure is building, something is going to crack soon.