Electoral Commission confirms Police referral for Labour

The Electoral Commission has confirmed:

On 15 August 2011, the Electoral Commission referred the following matters to Police:

  • Charles Chauvel MP, Ohariu Census,
  • ACT Party newspaper advertisements in Sunday Star Times and NZ Herald
  • Labour Party ?Prices are Rising Faster than Wages? flyer.
It is the Electoral Commission?s view that the publication of each of these items constitutes a breach of sections 204F and 204H of the Electoral Act 1993 because the items are election advertisements that do not contain a valid promoter statement and were not authorised in writing by the party secretary.
As these matters are now with the Police, the Electoral Commission will not be commenting further.

I blogged about Charles Chauvel’s now illegal Ohariu Census back on July 12.

I think I can claim another victim. The really funny thing about this is that Labour used Charles Chauvel to front the last time they got referred to the Police.

Labour can’t run a website and now they can’t even book ads properly. They surely can’t be trusted to run the country.