Getting interesting in Australia

Julia Gillard’s government is hovering near the precipice and things are getting very interesting, now including death threats.

THE union boss who blew the whistle on Labor MP Craig Thomson has been offered police protection after a dirt-covered shovel was dumped on her doorstep at 3.30am.

Kathy Jackson, whose actions could bring down the Gillard government, last night vowed to take on the “scumbags” who left the spade in what was an apparent threat that she was digging her own grave.

“Give it your best shot,” the Health Services Union national secretary said.

They play politics hard in Australia, but that is taking things too far.

It can also be revealed Mr Thomson’s initial defence – that he was interstate when his credit card was used to hire prostitutes – has been challenged by phone records tendered in court.

In a May, 2009, letter to the HSU lawyers, the Labor MP argued he could not have spent $2475 on a?Sydney escort agency on April 9, 2005, because “I was in Melbourne”.

But documents filed in court show he rang the escort agency on April 7/8 and also paid by credit card on those dates – before later reversing the charges and paying on a different credit card.

The cover up is always the undoing of them. Thomson now just looks like a liar. Everything he now says will be thought of as a lie.

Labor is in big trouble. There may well be an election before the year is out in Australia.